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Timberland's original intention is not to create a new popular symbol. Yellow boots designed for northeastern New England region of the United States changeable weather complex, to provide a solid foot protection for outdoor workers.

Timberland design concept is the core of form, function and process, rather than fashion trends. It is this plain and true to the spirit of self, it attracted fashionistas around the world. Below you will find more information about Timberland!

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Timberland Boots Black: Black is considered the most classic color. Whether it is black shoes or black clothes are wild. So if you are still hesitant to buy what color Timberland boots, the Timberland Boots black is a good choice.

Timberland Boots For Kids: Most people think that Timberland boots are specially designed for adults, in fact, Timberland boots are also very good for children. Whether go school or go outing, put on beautiful Timberland boots.

Seemingly bulky actually very easy to take Timberland boots has become a culture, street influx of people are wearing it, hip-hop singers are wearing it, stars are wearing it. Because it is simple, but unique, shoes without any modification, and incredibly versatile.